Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am so happy it SNOWED!!!

No, I haven't completely lost my mind. (that is up for debate though) I was so happy it snowed because I finally had my car in the garage for a storm and didn't have to scrape the snow and ice off my car before leaving. I also didn't have to risk my life and Max's life carrying the carseat to the car on the slick driveway.

Randy told me I couldn't make a big deal out of it, but I am totally throwing a party or something. We haven't been able to park in the garage since we started finishing the basement and all our storage went to the garage. Oh, and by the way it only took us 347 years to finish the basement. Well, the basement got finished just before Christmas and we were waiting for a nice day to purge the garage of all the junk that got tossed out there the last 347 years. Since Saturday was an absolute dream day, we worked all day on the garage and got it done. I must say it felt a little like "casting our swine before pearls" pulling all our junk out of the garage for all the neighbors to see, but at least now the kids can get their bikes out of the garage and I don't have to be so embarassed.

Unfortunately, Randy only got his car in the garage for a short time. We still have to sell his weight bench and all his weights, return a borrowed ladder and take one dresser to the DI that didn't get hand-me-downed, then he will get his spot back. (understanding it will only be until I start my next furniture project) I have determined in all the excitement of having the garage back and organized that it is still too small. Oh well, we will make do, I am just happy to have it.

On a completely related and unrelated note, I want to make it clear to everyone in my neighborhood that our return to parking in the garage had nothing to do with the totally insulting talk given in church a couple of weeks ago. Come on, you all know I wouldn't do it because someone told me I should. That would go against every stubborn, hard-headed bone in my body. For those of you who didn't have the pleasure of hearing the talk, we were told that we've all seen neighbors who have so much junk in their garage that they can't even park a car in it. Then we were told that "those" people should have spent their money on their food storage instead of all the junk in their garage. It was a shining moment for my thoughts at that moment. I really wished it would have been in a lesson so I could make a comment, but it wasn't, so I swallowed my mouthful of mean things and spewed them on Randy after church. Maybe my food storage was sooooooo huge and organized that it filled my entire garage, maybe my best friend was homeless and I made an apartment for her in my garage, maybe my husband turned it into his mancave with a bigscreen and weights, maybe I was operating an animal sanctuary and rescuing abandoned puppies, maybe I had an elaborate drug making facility running in there, maybe I got so much hand-me-down furniture and was finishing my basement without going into debt that I needed a place to put it....I mean how do you know why people don't put cars in the garage. Come on!!!

Okay I have now taken a deep breath and will return to my praises. I am happy for all I have, even if it is sometimes a pain in the neck. And I was really grateful that Randy and I completed a big project together without wanting to kill each other at the end. Now that's a good day!!

Oh, the JOY!! (that was my happy dance)

Max was an awesome helper while we worked.

Weights for sale! (maybe I should ask Randy first) But seriously, any takers.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Kids

I have the most amazing kids. I can't believe what a great life I have. I thought I would share an update of the sweet, cute, smart, funny, happy little ones that make life awesome.

Max is 7 1/2 months now and is such an active little tiger. He has the nickname of Rascally-roo at home. He loves to explore everywhere. As you can see from my previous post he loves to splash and today was found splashing in the toilet. He has been physically strong since the day he was born, so he has always seemed older than his age which makes me sad. I want him to stay small and brand new for a long time. At three months he was rolling over, 4 months sitting up by himself, 5 1/2 months rolling across the room to get what he wanted, 6 months crawling like a crazy inchworm and pulling himself up to furniture, now at 7 months he is everywhere. He loves to walk the furniture, play in the curtains, clean the crumbs from under the table (yuck!), and of course loves a good wrestling match with the big brothers and daddy. He gets right in the middle of anything his brothers are doing. He especially loves to crawl into their bedroom when they have friends over playing. He really does think he's just one of the boys. This kid loves his lunch. He will eat anything, and is starting to like things with more texture. He got two little teeth on the bottom the day after turning 6 months and loves to put them to use. He melts my heart when he talks. Some of his words are "mama", "bah bah", "hi dad", "ahh duh" (all done). He is such a happy, easy, well-natured baby, and we love him so much.

Luke is 4 and is an amazing little one. He is so intense and full of energy. He loves Star Wars or as he says "Staaa Whoas", karate, learning to read, playing with legos, playing with his brothers, soccer, basketball and mashed potatoes. It is so fun to just sit and listen to Luke; he will tell a great story (the truth), then after he has heard it come out of his own mouth he will have to retell the bigger, more embellished version and try to convince you the latter is the way it really happened. A favorite saying of his (and Jack's) is "seriously mom, no seriously" (I seriously don't know where they get it from) it is so funny to hear him try to convince me of things. "Seriously Mom, Grandma told me I could watch movies all day, no seriously." That's the one I heard today. Luke loves the tough guys. As an infant he always preferred dad and the grandpas and uncles holding him, now he looks up to his dad so much and wants to do anything that big strong guys do. He does his own little workout routine everyday. He even came up with his own pushups where he puts his feet on the couch and stretches out and does full, awesome pushups. He is playing indoor soccer right now and loves it. He wants to go outside and practice everyday. He is such a happy, sweet, fun boy and we love him so much.

Jack just turned 7 last month and is growing up so fast. He is a very curious boy and loves to read and learn. He is also very artistic and loves to draw, and make things, and is a very good reader. Star Wars and Legos are at the top of his to do list everyday, and now he has combined his two loves and looks forward to playing with his Star Wars Legos and Legos Star Wars on the Wii everyday. Jack is a very good helper and an awesome big brother. He loves to roll around on the floor with Max and take care of him when he needs help. He loves to rescue him when he's into mischief. Jack has such a funny personality; he makes me laugh everyday. Recently we were planning our weekend and he was in the middle of a big Legos project. We had been talking about going to the grandparent's house on Sunday. Jack interupted Randy and said, "Dad, are we going to grandma's house on Sunday, I need to know these things you know." He was planning out when he would have time to finish his big project. He is an awesome example and wonderful big brother, and very patient with the little ones. He is such and easy, happy, fun, boy and we love him so much.

(all of us at the Temple Open House in February)

What a wonderful life I have!