Friday, November 19, 2010

Where does the time go?

Well hello my dear little neglected blog. I thought I would at least put some updated info and pictures of my sweet family since it has been so long, so very long.
Last week Randy checked another item off his bucket list when we went to Notre Dame to watch his UTES play. It was a dream vacation for him and everything was perfection...except for the game. Randy got to see so many things he has loved since he was a child. He is a football junkie and knows so much history of the game, so Notre Dame football is a big deal to him. We got to see a lot of things that mean a lot to him and he was just like a kid on Christmas morning. I love that he gets so excited about things. I just wish that darn football team of his would have given us a good game to watch.

This is us in front of the Knute Rockne entrance to the stadium.
Here we are standing in front of "touchdown Jesus", an icon at Notre Dame. You can see it from inside the stadium, like Jesus is overlooking the game.

Randy loves Eric Weddle. We stood and watched him and some other important football people inside the tunnel chatting, but then when we went to go to get some grub he was standing right there. I walked over to him and he was chatting with 3 other jockish looking guys. I asked him if we could get a picture with him. He was so friendly and loved it. Well, I wanted to be in the photo too, so I just asked the guy he was talking to if he would take the picture for us. It then became apparent that the other guy was someone "important". They all joked and razzed him for being Eric's photographer. I think he must have been a more important NFL player than Weddle, but hey to me he was just a guy to snap a photo. Weddle and Randy then chatted for a minute about our kids and playing for the Chargers and stuff. That was cool for Randy, and for me. The thing that got me was that so many of the football players are so small in stature. I was standing right next to an NFL player, and even if I wasn't 7 months pregnant I still would have been bigger than him. That was weird to me. I just figured the guys that got to the NFL would all be 6'5" and at least 250 lbs. That Weddle is just a little guy.
This is inside the stadium before the teams came out. In the distance you can see "touchdown Jesus" and to the left the "golden dome" another Notre Dame important spot.

This was the best part of coming home. Seeing our sweet little angels. I missed them so much, but I never worried about them because I knew they were being well taken care of. Thanks to Weezy (Aunt Alisa) and family and Grandma and Grandpa Huff. They broke Max of his bottle while we were gone. Isn't that what family is really do the hard parenting for you. haha.