Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorry mom....

This is the conversation I had with Luke this morning.
"Sorry mom, but we can't give you a piece of the world for your birthday."
"Oh really?" (I am totally clueless what this kid is talking about)
"Yeah, but how about a crab instead?"
"Okay that would be great too."
After the conversation was over I had to think what on earth he was talking about. Then, it dawned on me. Every year on my birthday or Christmas the boys ask me what I want and I always tell them, "Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men." Well, they have been asking me what I want again this year, and I have been giving my usual response. It now occurs to me that my sweet little 4 year old is trying to figure out how to buy a piece of the earth for me. What a cutie pie. As for the crab I have no idea!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Baby is One!

Well, actually he's 14 months now, but this is one of his adorable one year old photos that I just had to share. I finally got some printed and I think he is too cute for words. And yes, those are his actual eye color, no photo editing at all on this photo. I just love this kid, he is such a busy BOY. That is what everyone says about Max, he is all boy.