Thursday, May 29, 2008

Capitol Reef

My boys had so much fun hiking and climbing. Jack is really into climbing these days and always asks when we can go to another mountain to climb on the rocks.

The cousins were quite the scene at the national park. For some reason it seemed like we were the only people there with small kids. That made it nice for them though, extra attention at the Jr. Ranger station and the Nature Center.
This one is for Rachel, my almost 4 year old neice said she wants to see pictures of aunt Mimi. There sure is nothing like a family going on a national park vacation when mom is 32 weeks pregnant and dad is 6 weeks post-op from a total ACL repair of his knee. I have to say Randy is the trooper, he actually did all the hiking with the boys (don't tell Randy's physical therapist), while I did good supervising and getting them started then turning back.

This was my favorite of the whole trip. I sent Randy and the boys to "climb a mountain" as Jack put it. You can see me in the far distance watching from the van. Right behind Luke is a cliff that drops all the way down to where the van is. It was quite windy and when they got to the top huge gusts of wind threatened to blow them right off the cliff. (that's according to Jack and Luke) I could hear Luke screaming all the way down below.

Jack did better at being brave for his little brother.

What a troop! We had a great vacation. Thanks family for a good time.

I haven't figured this out completely yet!

He kind of freaks me out, but the kids loved seeing Sir Topham Hatt.

These were the two most excited kids in line to ride the train. We were waiting in line for Thomas to arrive and when they saw him coming down the track they both started screaming and jumping up and down. The lady behind us in line said to me, "gosh, I thought my kids were excited." I'm glad they had so much fun and that Jack is still not to old to appreciate Thomas (and that he now allows his little brother to sometimes actually touch all of his Thomas paraphernalia).

This one's for Grandpa J., two cute engineers in front of the Union Pacific engine.

A Fun Memorial Day Weekend

Randy is known for referring to the proverbial Huff hair... This is when someone in the Huff family gets a hairbrained idea and we actually carry it out. This time it was mom's hair to go to Capitol Reef. I was so glad she had the idea and did the planning work because we had a great time (sorry dad, but the Mount Rushmore hair will just have to wait). The boys just couldn't bear to go hiking without first going to see Thomas, so just like last year we stopped by "A Day Out With Thomas" on our way to Capitol Reef. (Heber isn't exactly on the way to southern Utah, but it wasn't really on the way to Seattle last year.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A bun in the oven.

My list of "things to do" is always a mile long, but with the approaching birth of number 3 it seems the list grows and my ability to cross things of it slows. This week I finally go going on the nursery. I decided to repaint, I got the ceiling painted (after 3 freaking coats), then attempted to cover the cute blue walls with plain old tan (to better match the new decor). But of course problems, it was going to take three coats on the walls too, so I decided to change my wall color back to a different blue and begin again. It will be done soon, it's not too complicated now. I also got started on sewing the bedding and made Randy set up the crib in the kitchen so I could test out the fabrics with the crib before I got to far (I know OCD). The house looks lovely right now to say the least: the play room in the living room, the crib in the kitchen, and a nursery with no paint. I'm not too worried, it will all get done eventually, and what would my life be without another unfinished project in the works.

Xeriscaping gone wrong!

Randy and I were driving down the street Monday and found this attempt to conserve water very humorous. The parking strip relandscaped with gravel, being fully watered by the sprinklers. Oops!

Family Night at the Park

The boys have been wanting to go fly kites for a while. Randy took them to Target to get new ones, but while Jack had no problem picking one out, Luke decided he didn't want one. So, Monday we decided to go to the park for family night, and of course now Luke regretted his decision so we stopped by Target and bought Luke a kite. We got to the park and Luke's kite was missing parts so he still didn't get to fly his own, but his big brother was so kind to share and they took turns running laps with the kite around the big field because there was absolutely NO wind. I think they will be pleasantly surprised if we actually ever fly kites in the wind and it is not an aerobic activity.


We've had some fun lately. Last week I told Jack that he wouldn't have school all week this week because of testing, he suggested that we need to do something fun everyday. His first suggestion was we should go to the farm. So, I told him we would go on Monday. You would think in six years of being a mom not to give the child a date, he has the memory of an elephant. Everyday he would report the count down until we went to the farm. We had fun, and being with some friends made it even more fun. I told Jack this was his school fieldtrip since the Kindergarten cancelled fieldtrips this year (ugh!).

Friday, May 16, 2008

I've only just begun...

Keep your expectations low. I refuse to become part of the blog obsessed world, but I thought I would at least give it a try. As many of you close to me know I have been having major computer issues for months and I just can't seem to justify getting that new computer yet. Having said that, with the current model I use it is so out-dated and full that downloading new photos makes it crash, so for the time being pictures will be at a minimum (except when I risk the crash).