Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Memorable Memorial

We had a fun-filled Memorial Weekend. First, my dad invited all the boys in the fam to go on his ward's father and sons outing. My boys were so excited. Of course I spent some time Friday morning having the boys pack all the possible things they might need for the campout. In all it wasn't too much stuff, only one bag for the boys to share. Apparently my sis Alisa was a good mother too and made sure her boys were prepared, but we both got sufficiently mocked in the end for overpacking our boys. It is true that boys can just plain do without all the stuff we girls think they need. This was definitely evidenced when my brother "packed up" all his gear for the campout. He came up the stairs with a sleeping bag, a sweatshirt and a hat. 'Nuf said!
They all had a great time making memories with grandpa and the uncles and cousins, but everyone missed the out-of-state boys.
My cute camping boys. Randy snapped this pic because he had never seen anything like it before. Yes, that's Mike reading a book. That's what a good woman will do for you. The filthy little pigs. I'm pretty sure those hands never got washed, not even before eating.

The report upon returning home was that the best part was the tug-of-war and the snake they found on their hike.

While the boys were off being manly, the girls all stayed at grandma's. We went out to dinner, chatted on the patio and experienced some trauma. Max wasn't invited on the boys campout so he had to stay with the girls. This was the result.
(this was after a bath and 2 popsicles to bring down the swelling)

Max is so blessed to have his cousins that love and take care of him. I felt so bad for both Max and his loving little cousin mother when they took a horrible fall leaving the restaurant. Max ended up somehow smashing his face on something when they fell and split his lip, tore the frenulum (that little thingy inside your mouth that connects your top lip to your gums), bloodied his nose, and skinned his nose, lip and chin. There was so much blood and he was crying so hard. I guess I have been out of nursing practice too long because I had to try to keep calm. I just didn't want his little cousin mother to be more traumatized than she already was. It was so sad, but amazingly he has healed up so quickly like kids do. The fall was Friday night and this is how it looked only 24 hours later. The "Homer Simpson" look was gone quickly. I just hope Bev's little heart is feeling better now too.
And now less than a week later it's just a little scab.

On Monday we took the kids hiking in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We started out heading up to Doglake, but after crossing the creek twice and looking on to the steep rocky cliff that was ahead we decided to go down to the Lake Blanche trail instead. The kids did awesome and had a great time. On the campout they had been a little rusty on their hiking, so we got it back in their blood really quick. When we were done they didn't want to leave, they had to climb a few more rocks first. Max was a little trooper in his "maxpack".

It was a great weekend and now I can't wait for summer. Thanks for all the memories.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Look who's walking!

I can hardly stand it! My baby wants to grow up to quickly. I knew when he was 3 months old that this kid was going to walk early, but I still like to think of him as my brand new baby. He is so funny, he loves to walk everywhere now and is always in a hurry like a walk/run combo. He has been walking pushing his little car for a couple of months, so I knew any day he would just take off on his own and he has. He gave up the crawling just a few days before his 10 month birthday. I am thankful for the sake of his poor knees that he has given up crawling just in time for shorts. I started feeling guilty everytime I would dress him in shorts because his knees would get such bad rug burn. Jack and Luke love that he can walk. They try to bribe him to walk to them, its a contest to see who he will walk to. The winner is usually whomever has the best sock to give Max. That boy loves to chew himself a good sock.