Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One down...

Tonight we had our YoWIE Awards for Young Womens. It was for our Young Women in Excellence. It turned out fabulous! The girls were so good, two of them hosted the "awards show" and did so well presenting everything. My fabulous presidency (especially Brittany) did such a good job making it a memorable evening. Brittany even did the girl's hair in up-do's.

The theme for the night was "Rock Stars" since our theme this year in YW's has been "steadfast and immovable". I was in charge of the rock star photography and writing the script. Brittany requested that the script have some jokes and tease some of the audience like they do in real awards shows. Thank heavens I have a funny husband who can think up good one-liners. He helped me write the script until 2:00 in the morning Sunday. Unfortunately at 2 am everything he says makes me laugh, so I was hoping the jokes would go over well, and they did. I did have to filter about half of the jokes he suggested (he is still a 14 year-old boy in some of his humor).

I have to brag about the awesome girls in our ward. They are so cute and did so good tonight.

Here are some of the "ROCK STARS" from the night. (edgy I know)

That is one big project down, many more to go.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey Stranger!

That's what my husband and kids say to me when they see me these days. Life is very busy lately. I feel like I have a million undone projects, some will wait, but those that have deadlines are kicking me in the pants. Last night Randy held Max in front of his face and used him as a ventriloquist puppet. Max said, "Hey lady, nice to see you. I think we've met before." What a turkey I married. He is such a good husband and father, so just a shout out to Randy for stepping in when my life gets crazy and I slack getting everything done, and when I'm just plain not around much. I've really got it good, I know our kids have a great dad that can be a Mr. Mom now and then when needed. Love you babe, things will slow down soon, I promise.

Now about the blog, that is on the back burner for now. I promise I will update when I regain control of my life.