Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Young Women Camp

Last week was Young Women camp. I just couldn't keep myself away. I really wanted to be there with all the girls, but I knew I would be miserable sleeping in a tent. I ended up spending the days at camp and sleeping at my parents house only about 45 minutes away. It worked out great. Randy, among others, thought I shouldn't go being only 3 1/2 weeks from my due date, but he agreed to me going after I promised him what I would and would not do. One of the things on his DO NOT list was I was to stay away from a ride on the zip line. Well as you can see from the pictures, I just couldn't resist. I just wanted to ride down it too badly.Okay, that was just a joke. I didn't really ride the zip line, but staged these pictures just to get Randy. What a mean wife. I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid. There was not going to be a mountain baby born this week.

Camp was a lot of fun and it seems like the girls all had a good experience. As always one of the highlights was the song/skit performance. We did the boot scootin boogie in great costumes we made, then sang the "naughty" camp song I taught the girls.

"Mom, I'm bored!"

Luckily that's not something I hear too often this summer. Jack and Luke are such easy kids, I usually don't have to do too much to keep them busy. This summer they have done a couple of projects that I thought were funny. First, Jack designed finger puppets (literally) and did a show. He made me take pictures of them. Of course Luke had to be the villian. There is just something with that kid, he always wants to be the "bad guy". Should I be concerned?

The next was Circus Day. Jack made a calendar for the summer that he has taped next to his bed and everyday is a different theme. Monday was circus day so he made a show. He was the clown, Luke was the volunteer (who was the subject of all the magic tricks) and Randy and I were the audience. It was so cute. He made all the props, came up with a bunch of magic tricks, and made his own costume. He wanted to wear underwear with hearts on them since he was a clown and brought me some white underwear and markers and asked me to help him make them into clown underwear. Luckily I talked him out of that. His bunk bed was the stage and the rest of us sat in the audience. It was so funny, every time he did a different trick, like pulling the rabbit out of his hat he would tell the audience to close their eyes and then kaboom there was the rabbit. Maybe we have a future star in our home! YIKES!

End of Kindergarten

I have been horrible at updating my blog lately, so here goes the update!

Jack finished Kindergarten. He loved the year and especially loved riding the bus (gasp!). That was hard for me, but he did great and didn't have any problems. He has grown so much this year and is such a smart kid. I am so proud of him and the kind of boy he is. I can't believe my baby is a 1st grader YIKES!!