Sunday, July 20, 2008

More baby!!!

So, Max was breech, we had known this for a while. My doctor had suggested that we could try what is called an external version, where 2-3 doctors lube up your belly and try to grab the baby from the outside and turn him around. I saw this done once when I was in nursing school and I remember telling myself I would never do that to myself or my baby. Then I thought more about it and thought it might be better than surgery, and maybe I was just being stubborn. I asked my doctor what he would do if it was his wife, he said he would at least try it. I told him my concern about a cord accident occurring and he said it was always a possiblility, but he had never had a bad outcome. I told my doctor to schedule the version, so we did for July 8th. The whole way home from the doctor and all weekend I was so anxious every time I thought about it and I just knew that it meant I shouldn't do it. I would just do the C-section. So, on Monday the 7th I called the doctor and told him. He is really great and just told me he would do whatever I wanted. So we went ahead with the C-section plan.
Tuesday morning after several delays and threats of being bumped off the schedule due to a busy labor and delivery unit, we were finally ready to go. Randy all decked out in his surgery attire.
Randy captured some great photos of the delivery. This is our little Max coming out feet then butt first. I was so worried about Randy during the surgery. He was standing next to me watching. I remember the first time I saw a surgery in nursing school and how sick I got, and I just didn't want him to be sick or end up on the ground. He was awesome. He didn't get sick at all, and just kept giving me updates on what was happening, like "oh, they're just digging through a lot of stuff right now." Thanks, sounds delicious! Always wanted to picture people digging through my guts.

Our brand new boy, fresh into the cruel harsh world.
As Dr. Roth was trying to deliver Max, he wouldn't come out by pulling on his feet. Dr. Roth had to reach up and untangled the umbilical cord which he told us was wrapped around Max's neck 3 times. Right after he freed the cord and could deliver Max he told us that the version (trying to turn the baby) would not have worked and we would have ended up doing an emergency C-section. He credited "mother's intuition". I am so glad that I listened to that voice inside and didn't try turning him and kept him out of danger. And I am so grateful for a doctor who didn't try to convince me to do something I didn't feel comfortable doing. We were so blessed.

Cutting the cord.Being checked out by the nurses and respriatory therapist.I promise I really wasn't scared, but this is the first time I got to hold my precious Max.The fabulous Dr. Roth. We love Dr. Roth so much, he is such a caring and kind person and also a talented and skilled doctor.Jack's first time holding baby Max. I don't know about the face he is pulling, but he loves his baby brother so much. He is constantly cheek to cheek with Max. His favorite expression are "Oh, come on Max" and "you're big brother is here, don't worry." He is so sweet and sensitive.Luke's first time holding his baby Max. At first at the hospital he wasn't interested for too long a period of time. He loved holding him and looking at him, but would be done very quickly. As time has gone on he loves being next to Max and holding him and feeding him and burping him. He too is such a loving caring big brother. I am so happy for Max that he has brothers who I know will always take good care of him and watch out for him. Going home from the hospital day. Randy thinks I dressed him like a chef, but I think he looked cute. His outfit was definitely too big, but in a couple of months it will look better. What a doll!

Our first morning at home with all three boys. They sure love their baby Max. Luke had a little bit of a hard time at first. I think it was more that Randy and I had been gone for so long that he was just wanting to be around us and home in his normal routine. But, grandma took them for a sleep over just to help us out and when they came home and we got back to somewhat of our routine things have been great for both of the older boys.
This is how we see Max most of the time. He is such a good baby. He wants his dinner and wants to sleep. He is such an angel, we are so blessed!
I know this was a long post, but I just want to end by thanking everyone who has helped us out during the pregnancy and in the past 2 weeks since his birth. We are so blessed to have such kind and helpful family and friends. We couldn't have done it without everyone's help, love and support. Thank you.

Oh Baby!!!

Our precious baby boy is here! It has been 12 days, but I am finally feeling a little more amongst the living, and ready to blog. He's crying now so I'll post more details later.

Max Randall J.

July 8, 2008

7 pounds 14 ounces

20.5 inches long