Friday, December 12, 2008

Fall in Review

It has been a busy year for our family, so I thought I would catch up on some blogging that we missed sharing in the last couple of months.
Jack got the Star Student Award at his school. We were so proud of him!Jack looked awesome for crazy hair day at school. He had decided for crazy hair day he wanted to do his hair bald. I explained that bald would be a more long term hair do, but he didn't care he still wanted me to shave his head. Luckily I can still pull the mommy card with the 6 year-old and he got spiky instead.Luke showing off some of his "moves" in the backyard in his skivvies. He and Jack have loved going outside to play in their underwear, and in the summer and fall could often be found jumping on the trampoline with nothing on but underwear and socks.A favorite time of year for the boys...a hated time of the year for Randy. We so hate the trees in our neighbors yard that are such a mess, but the boys sure enjoy jumping in the leaves and sliding down the slide into a huge pile. A little late for the halloween post, but they were so cute I had to share.Jack was Darth Vader and Luke was the red Jungle Fury Power Ranger. I have learned this fall that there are several different varieties of Power Rangers so it is necessary to clarify which one Luke is. As a 4 year-old he has made this very clear to me lately.Our sweet little jack-o-lantern.Horseback riding in Wyoming with Landon's family. Jack has taken lessons in the past so it was fun for him to get back in the saddle. It was Luke's first time on the horse and he loved it eventually, and both have been asking when we can go back to Landon's and ride horses again. After visiting I thought of how fun it would be to raise kids in the country. We just let them run loose for a couple of hours and didn't have to worry. There was so much fun to have just finding things to do. But, I still think I am a city girl and we will just have to visit.Randy's birthday. Yes, he got wedding cake for his birthday cake. I told him it was the most expensive birthday cake he'll ever get and hey it wasn't pumpkin pie.With my sis and her fam here from out of state we did a ton a fun stuff. This was the light parade in SF. It was such a lovely night, no snow and not terribly cold. But just a note to the city, dusk is not 7pm, more like 5:30. We had to wait quite a while for "dusk". The kids all loved it and got their first glimpse of Santa for the season.My mom helped keep Max nice and snuggly warm. (I think they look alike)My little dress up doll. The older boys love to make Max look silly. I think he makes a cute 4th amigo.Just a little eye candy. We had fun at a Jazz game, with good seats. I have always loved CJ Miles since he came to the Jazz. No one ever understood my facination for him. Randy thinks its a crush thing, but it has nothing to do with his appearance, I just love that the game truly excites him. Whenever you watch him on the bench he looks like a kid on Christmas morning, he get so genuinely excited and still has the glow in his eye. (Now Boozer, that's the candy)My little Max has loved to sleep on his tummy ever since he first learned to rollover at 3 months. I hate tummy sleeping. I have battled him for 2 months on this and wake up in the night many times to flip him over. I do think it is cute though, especially how his little bum sticks up in the air.The curse of our existence! If you ask Randy about the basement he will gladly tell you we have been "working" on it for 3 years. YUCK! This picture is what happens when you buy a crappy mask and don't wear eye or hair protection when painting. I really did love my white mascara.We finally have paint, and there is hope it will be done SOON! Thanks to my parents who have helped us so much lately with the painting, and everything else. It has been such a mess and I can't wait to have it DONE!
I have given myself many deadlines over the past couple of years with regard to the basement. First it was...we can't have another baby until the basement is done. That didn't happen. Then when I was pregnant...I am not having this baby until this basement is done.That didn't happen. I tried really hard though. This was me caulking and puttying a week before Max was born.

My latest...we are not having Christmas until this basement is done. I so hope this one works out, I think the kids might be traumatized if there is no Christmas. (and I did remind Randy the other day that he doesn't actually have the power to cancel Christmas). The carpet guy emailed me today and the carpet will be installed either tomorrow or Thursday. YEAH!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Big Day!

Well, my little sister is married. It was a perfect event. First the whole fam traveled to Wyoming on Saturday for the open house. Randy showed how much he loves me and my fam by selling our Utah/BYU tickets and missing the game. (that game is a big deal at our house)This is my parents and siblings at the Wyoming open house.This is all the cousins. Aren't they cute? They were in this room during the reception making up a "show" for us.Me and my lovely sis the bride.Then the wedding at the Bountiful Temple. Aren't they a great couple. Landon's mom said they could be centerfolds (I think she meant in a clean magazine)

All my cute boys at the temple.Me and my sweet baby boy. Aunt Nata and Max.After the wedding was the reception at the Art Museum. It was so nice. This was taken near the end of the night and the boys were getting tired. They were all so well behaved the whole day, I was so proud of them. I am so happy for Natalie and Landon. It was a fun week. My sister and her family came in from out of state and it was a fun and crazy week, and was so good to see all the family and spend time with them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One down...

Tonight we had our YoWIE Awards for Young Womens. It was for our Young Women in Excellence. It turned out fabulous! The girls were so good, two of them hosted the "awards show" and did so well presenting everything. My fabulous presidency (especially Brittany) did such a good job making it a memorable evening. Brittany even did the girl's hair in up-do's.

The theme for the night was "Rock Stars" since our theme this year in YW's has been "steadfast and immovable". I was in charge of the rock star photography and writing the script. Brittany requested that the script have some jokes and tease some of the audience like they do in real awards shows. Thank heavens I have a funny husband who can think up good one-liners. He helped me write the script until 2:00 in the morning Sunday. Unfortunately at 2 am everything he says makes me laugh, so I was hoping the jokes would go over well, and they did. I did have to filter about half of the jokes he suggested (he is still a 14 year-old boy in some of his humor).

I have to brag about the awesome girls in our ward. They are so cute and did so good tonight.

Here are some of the "ROCK STARS" from the night. (edgy I know)

That is one big project down, many more to go.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey Stranger!

That's what my husband and kids say to me when they see me these days. Life is very busy lately. I feel like I have a million undone projects, some will wait, but those that have deadlines are kicking me in the pants. Last night Randy held Max in front of his face and used him as a ventriloquist puppet. Max said, "Hey lady, nice to see you. I think we've met before." What a turkey I married. He is such a good husband and father, so just a shout out to Randy for stepping in when my life gets crazy and I slack getting everything done, and when I'm just plain not around much. I've really got it good, I know our kids have a great dad that can be a Mr. Mom now and then when needed. Love you babe, things will slow down soon, I promise.

Now about the blog, that is on the back burner for now. I promise I will update when I regain control of my life.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More birthday for Luke

Since Luke had a party with his friends 2 days before his actual birthday, when Sunday came he thought he had turned another year older and insisted that he was now 5. We had to explain to him that Friday was his pretend birthday and Sunday was his real birthday. I guess it can be confusing for a kid. Then on Monday Jack wrote me a letter to inform me that on Oct. 28th we would be celebrating his pretend birthday. He told me all of the things I could buy for him. He was quite disappointed when I told him we couldn't just have a pretend birthday any time we want and get presents, it had to be at your birthday time. He was so mad, he pouted on his bed for a long long time. It's still hard for him to see Luke get something he can't get, but they usually share and get a long really well.
On Sunday Grandma and Grandpa J came and visited and brought Luke some gifts. He loved the clothes so much he wore them the rest of the day, even though they weren't intended to be worn together.

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa H's house for a birthday dinner and party. He got some fun stuff from them and Grandma and Grandpa B. He also had fun hanging out with aunt Nata, uncle Ry and uncle Landon.

Luke is 4

Happy Birthday Luke!
Luke celebrated his 4th birthday on Sunday. He is such an awesome kid, he brings so much energy and intensity to our home. He says the funniest things, and loves to do karate, hip hop dance and play with his brothers.
On Friday Luke had a Star Wars Birthday Party with some of his friends.

The front door.

Darth Vader (Jack) greeted all the guests.

We played lots of fun Star Wars games.

Outside the Jedi's in training played "Jedi, Jedi, Stormtrooper".

Luke has such nice friends, and they gave him awesome presents. It's hard to go wrong with this kid, he loved everything.

Light saber and Darth Vader cake.

The party finished with the Jedi's in training going for a scavenger hunt around the yard, they found a great treasure in the end! Luke had a great party and loved having his friends over for some fun.